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How to redeem AppSumo deal for Simple Social Buttons PRO?

Here’s the flow to redeem your Simple Social Buttons Pro AppSumo deal.

If you have bought LoginPress deal at AppSumo then you must have an account at Sign in first, So your new deal will be under the same account email.

Or/And otherwise

Open this link will display a page like below


here you will have to enter the first (yours unique code from appsumo account) AppSumo code “89abd1402961092347bbee8ae1e90debb” and Click on the Apply button will reload the page with 100% amount off like seen below



If you are logged in already i.e You are already LoginPress user then Email Address + First and Last Name fields will be auto pulled from your account. If not, add your Email and Name to Complete the Purchase.

Click on “Complete Purchase” will lead you to a Thank you page.

The email you entered above will receive the Login details to login at where you can download the files and access your license details.

To redeem the second code for Simple Social Buttons Pro to unlock Unlimited Sites license, follow this article.


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