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How To Manage Social Networks On Specific Positions ?

You can use these simple filters to hide and show specific social networks on specific positions. We have developed filters for all positions such as InLine, Sidebar, On Media, Fly-In, and Popup.

For the positioning of buttons at certain location/s, we have several filters to be used to change the order of buttons and show specific buttons and perform several other tasks.

Here is a piece of code to help you with your problem of showing just Pinterest share on specific attachments with the help of IDs.

add_filter( 'ssb_media_social_networks', 'ssb_attachment_buttons', 10 );

 * To display specific social networks on media.
 * @return array|mixed array of social networks or boolean.
function ssb_attachment_buttons() {

	// Define The post id/s to display simple social buttons on. ( It can also contain the attachment IDs ).
	$post_ids = array( '31', '53' );

	// match current post ID from the defined array of Post IDs, else return and don't show the button on attachments.
	if ( in_array( get_the_ID(), $post_ids ) ) {
		return array( 
			// "fbshare"   => 2,
			// "twitter"   => 3,
			// "linkedin"  => 4,
			// "fblike"    => 5,
			"pinterest" => 1,
	} else {
		return false;

You have to copy and paste these two pieces of code in the functions.php file of your child theme.

Here is a list of filters that can be used to control social networks for various locations.


See these filters in action here 

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